Public Petition for Peace and Social Harmony

I am, as citizen of Pakistan, committed to:

  • Respect the Constitution of Pakistan maintains equality of men and women without any discrimination based on religion, sex, caste, sect and ethnicity;
  • Respect each other’s freedom of religion and extend moral and cultural support to enable each other to observe their rights without any fear and violence;
  • Manifest and express through individual behaviors being women, men and young citizens mutual tolerance towards each other’s religion and social and political rights;
  • Identify and discourage hate speeches towards each other at family, community and societal level and will not become part of any hate campaign against any religion, sect, caste, ethnic group;
  • Try to change stereotypical approaches and myths pertaining to different religions, sects, castes and ethnic groups which lead to violence and hate in society;
  • Strive to discourage any act of militancy, armed conflict or suppression of rights of any weaker section, religious minorities and ethnic minorities etc.;

I demand for the protection of freedom of social, cultural and political rights through:

  1. Bringing appropriate measures to change curriculum for religious and inter-faith harmony at public and private schools as well as places where religious education is being taught;
  2. Preventing communication and dissemination of hate speeches and material at all levels, particularly in print, electronic and social media through law and policy reforms, particularly under 153-A of PPC;
  3. Ensuring protection of religious minorities through institutional, legal and judicial support and reform in Personal Laws of religious minorities;

This petition is being raised under AAWAZ Voice and Accountability Programme implemented by leading rights based civil society organizations in 45 districts of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. AAWAZ strives for stable, inclusive and tolerant democracy in the country.


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