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Police instructors and Moharrars were given training on pro-women laws , Karachi


Police instructors and Moharrars were given training on pro-women laws

Aurat Foundation’s Karachi office organized two-day training with police instructors and Moharrars on pro-women laws on the 26-27 January, 2015, at Mehran Hotel, Karachi.  The training, attended by head investigative officers and Moharrars, focused on Sindh Child Marriage Act, domestic violence and other relevant laws. The training was divided into different sessions and a certificate distribution ceremony at the end of two-day training.

Ms Mahnaz Rahman, Resident Director, Aurat Foundation, commenced the training with an introductory session on gender, gender stereotyping and cultural/class influence on gender, how culture defines gender and its roles, and that how gender roles and perspective varies within class. Ms Maliha Zia, Manager Law and Gender, Aurat Foundation, conducted the next session on understanding pro-women laws to create more awareness about laws that exist but people have very minimum information about them.

At the end, certificates were distributed by Mr Ghulam Qadir Thebo, IG, Sindh, Ms Shela Qureshi, ASP, and Mr Faizulah Korejo, SSP Investigation, to those who attended the workshop. Participants had positive feedback regarding the training. The overall consensus was that, the training gave them a better and in-depth understanding of gender issues, its influences and the clash of classes.