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Medico-legal officers, lawyers and civil society representatives sensitized on pro-women laws, Islamabad


Medico-legal officers, lawyers and civil society representatives sensitized on pro-women laws

Aurat Foundation held a two-day capacity building training under the theme ‘Sensitization medico-legal officers, lawyers and civil society representatives on pro-women legislation’ on February 26-27, 2015, at Islamabad. The training was attended by participants working in medico-legal departments of Federal Government Polyclinic Hospital and Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), women shelter managers, lawyers from Supreme Court and Islamabad High Court and representatives from civil society organizations. The training was conducted with the objectives to orient the participants in dealing with victims of rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment of children and understanding the legal obligations of professionals dealing with such victims.

On first day, social worker and women rights activist Ms Shabana Arif and Gender Specialist from Aurat Foundation Ms Rabeea Hadi briefed the participants about the social understanding of gender, gender based discriminations and stereotypes in society and the importance of self-awareness to avoid such preconceived notions while dealing with cases of Gender Based Violence (GBV).

On second day, Ms Rabeea Hadi conducted an informative session on violence against women statistics in the country, importance of forensic evidence and the need of building a coordinated network among the concerned departments and people to effectively work together and ensure speedy justice to victims.  Mr Muhammad Haider Imtiaz, an energetic Islamabad based lawyer, discussed pro-women laws and the recent legislations both on federal and provincial levels aimed at bringing gender balance in Pakistan and highlighted areas where new laws are needed to be tabled in the national assembly.