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Meeting with Bar Council, police officials on religious freedom organized, Karachi


Meeting with Bar Council, police officials on religious freedom organized

Pakistan Religious Freedom Initiative (PRFI), a joint project of Aurat Foundation and The Asia Foundation organized a meeting with the Bar Council, police officials, and stakeholders on February 21, 2015 at Marriot Hotel, Karachi.

Ms Mahnaz Rahman, Resident Director, Aurat Foundation, shared a brief history of Aurat Foundation and its activities. Ms Erum Javed, Project Manager, shared the background and rationale of the PRFI project with the participants. Advocate Shoaib Ashraf   gave a presentation on first draft of ‘Institutionalized Legal Discrimination against Religious Minorities’. He covered the legal and social aspects of fundamental rights, and the electoral system for non-Muslims.

Dr Mohsin Naqvi, Professor CBEC (SIUT) presented the existing laws for religious minorities, Registration for Marriage, etc. Ms Fareeda Tahir, Associate Project Manager, PRFI, emphasized the need to make laws on hate crime and hate speech.

Mr Zia-ul-Hassan Lanjar, Minister for Social Welfare shared that they have sufficient number of non-Muslim employees in the department but need to improve attitudes and behavior towards non-Muslims. Advocate Rubina Brohi shared that we need to work with Shia community as well as they are facing life threats. Mr Abid Zubairi said that judicial system seems to be for rich people because poor people cannot afford it.