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Meeting with Police Department, Sindh, organized, Karachi


Meeting with Police Department, Sindh, organized

Aurat Foundation organized a meeting with officials of the Police Department, Sindh, on May 4, 2015 at Marriott hotel, Karachi. The meeting was organized under the ‘Religious Freedom Initiatives: Leaders of Influence’ project  and was participated by Mr Nusrat Mangan, IG Prison, Ms Sheeba Shah, Senior Superintendent,  and other police officials namely Ms Masooma Changazi ,  Ms Azra Memon, and Ms Habiba Hasan.  Aurat  Foundations was  represented by  Ms Mahnaz Rahman Resident Director, Ms Erum Javed, Manger, Ms Fareeda Tahir, Associate Program Manager and Ms Anis Fatima.

Mr Nusrat Magan, during the discussion, said that there were many casts in Hindu community  like Kohli, Bheel, Magwar, Brahman and Bhagri , and they have difference practices, and hence, identifying their issues  needs a grass root research.

Mr Nusrat Magan said that teaching all religions in the schools is also not a good practice as it separates students with each other. We should not teach any religion in schools.