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Issue of quota for non-Muslims raised with education department, Karachi


Issue of quota for non-Muslims raised with education department

Aurat Foundtion’s  Karachi  office, under its Pakistan Religious  Freedom Initiative: Leaders of  Influence project,  organized a meeting with the Secretary, Education Department, Government of Sindh There was a meeting held in Secretary Education, Mr Fazlullah Pechuhu, at Tughluq House, Sindh Secretariat,  Karachi, on April, 6, 2015.

Ms Mahnaz Rahman, Residential Director, Aurat Foundation, briefed  the participants about the  basic objectives  of  the  project. Ms Fareeda Tahir, Associate Progrm Manager, AF, while  giving details of  the  project, said that  a round of Focus Group Discussions were  organized in four districts of Sindh, namely Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas and Tando Allayar, so  that to identify the issues faced by non-Muslims. A Technical Working Group, chaired by Justice (R) Majida Rizvi, was  also  established with  members from different stakeholders like lawyers, media personnel, NGO’s, Government institutions etc.  The  Group, under the guidance of  the Chairperson, is working on the bill on the  issue  to   be  submitted  in the Sindh Assembly.  She said that  the  group demands  an effective implementation of the 5% quota for Non-Muslims in Educatioon Department.

Mr. Fazlullah Pechuhu, responded that a 10% quota for Non-Muslims is already in place in the  National Testing Service, and that they were trying to get the same in other sections of the  department. Dr Fauzia Khan from Curriculum Wing, ELD, said that the Wing  welcomes  Aurat Foundation to work on curriculum.