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Religious Freedom Caucus formed, Karachi


Religious Freedom Caucus formed

In order to share the First policy draft of  ‘Institutionalized Legal Discrimination against Religious Minorities’ bill and the with members of Sindh Assembly, the Pakistan Religious Freedom Initiative: Leader of Influence (PRFI) project of Aurat Foundation organized a consultation with the legislators on February 26, 2015, at Marriott Hotel, Karachi.   

The meeting was aimed at consulting with the parliamentarians on the  bill and incorporate their  recommendation, suggestions and changes in the draft. The  consultation was  followed  by a n orientation session on the formation of ‘Religious Freedom Caucus’.

Ms. Mahnaz Rehman Resident Director AF introduced Aurat Foundation and welcomed the guests. She said a glowing homage to late Justice Rana Baghwan Das and the role of minorities in the country’s progress and prosperity.

Ms. Erum Javed Project Manager PRFI introduced the Project titled as Pakistan Religious Freedom Initiative: Leader of Influence (PRFI) and vowed to table atleast three Bills in a year’s time. She said that religious extremism and intolerance is serious threat to the people of Pakistan in general and minorities in particular.

Ms. Fareeda Tahir Associate Program Manger PRFI said that we have Technical Working Group headed by Justice Majida Rizvi and we have other members who have interest in the minority rights are also our members in which lawyers, NGO’s representatives, Government officials and so on. She further said that no liberty for religious celebrations/activities. Situation for minorities is deteriorating from bad to worse, Prejudice in declaring Ahmedisas non Muslims, Insecurity of life and properties and increasing sectarian violence in the country.

 The meeting was attended  by Ms Syeda Shahla Raza, Deputy Speaker Sindh Assembly, Ms Noor Bano NGO representative, Ms Erum Azeem Farouqi, MPA-MQM, Ms Naheed Begum MPA-MQM, Ms Naila Muneer MPA-MQM, Ms Khairunissa Mughal MPA-PPP, Ms Erum Khalid MPA-PPP, Ms Gazala Sial MPA-PPP, Ms Saira Shalwani MPA-PPP, Mr. Moazzam Ali Consultant AF, Ms Mahnaz Rahman Resident Director AF, Ms Erum Javed Project Manager PRFI , and  Ms Fareeda Tahir Associate Program Manager PRFI.