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International day for person with disabilities celebrated, Karachi


International day for person with disabilities celebrated

Aurat Foundation organized awareness porgramme and seminar on International Day for Person with Disabilities (PWD) in collaboration with Social Welfare Department under Gender Based-Violence project on 1 December 2015, at Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi. The activity aimed at developing co-ordination and linkages among public and private sector.
The event was coordinated by Ms. Riaz Fatima, Deputy Director, Social Welfare Department, Government of Sindh, and Ms. Shireen Khan, Regional Coordinator, Aurat Foundation, Karachi.

Following speakers from public and private sector discussed the above mentioned subject:

Mr. Shariq Ahmed, Secretary, Social Welfare, Department, highlighted the goals of social welfare department, and said that the department for PWD established 17 centers, providing education and vocational training to children / adults with disabilities and presented and approved Bill 2015 from Sindh Assembly on March 2015.

Mr. Ashraf Ali Naqvi, Joint Director Labour Department, said that they are working for the welfare of all workers employed in private sector and also conducting a survey for observance of 2% employment quota reserved for PWD and other details.

Mr. S.M. Nishat, General Secretary, Association for Physically Handicapped (Adults), briefed about the previous co-ordination with Social Welfare Department and activities and programmes running by the concerned i.e. providing education, workshops, variety programmes etc.

Ms. Mahnaz Rehman, Resident Director, Aurat Foundaton, said that they are working with public / private sector and for the betterment of laws.

Mr. Abdul Aleem Lashari, former Director, Social Welfare Department, said that all concerned should work for implementation of United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities, (UNCRDP) at all level and National Policy for persons with disability 2002, under the supervision of Provincial Council for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons, Social Welfare Department, Government of Sindh, and with the collaboration of all concerned.

Ms. Durre Shahwar, Senior Member, Karachi Chamber of Commerce, briefed about the role of Chamber of Commerce regarding the observance of 2% employment quota reserved for persons with disabilities.