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Humiliation of women, girls participating in political activities condemned, Islamabad


Humiliation of women, girls participating in political activities condemned

Aurat Foundation, while appreciating women’s participation in political activities, condemned the trend of criticizing and abusing the conduct of women and girls taking part in sit-ins and protests in the speeches of political leaders, social media posts and electronic media reports. A press release, in this regards, was issued to media on August 28, 2014, by Aurat Foundation Head Office, Islamabad. 

AF urges political leaders not to abuse and humiliate women participants of these gathering in their public speeches as an instrument to thrash other political parties as it would have a long lasting impact on women political participation in the country.  
We,  at Aurat Foundation, believe that women, in our society, are always discouraged to freely participate in mainstream politics. Negatively judging their conduct has always been the biggest tool in the hands of Pakistan’s typical patriarchal mindset to restrict the participation of women in political activities.
AF believes that focus of electronic media on dresses and activities of women provide fuel to the patriarchal and extremist mindset looking for a reason to restrict women from political participation. We request media to keep in mind the vulnerabilities of women while reporting and encourage women who dare to join political movements on streets.  
After closely observing the statements issued by different politicians and abusing posts frequently shared on social media, Aurat Foundation considers it a responsibility of all civilized people to discourage such trends.
Aurat Foundation believes that character assassination of women political workers is one of the biggest hurdles in the way of active participation of women in mainstream politics.
AF demands senior women leaders and Parliamentarians from all political parties should also be made part of the current negotiations and decision making process. The exclusion of women from important consultations is so deeply ingrained in our political cultures that change is unlikely without a conscious, deliberate effort to involve them.