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AF celebrates Nobel Peace Prize for Malala, Islamabad


AF celebrates Nobel Peace Prize for Malala

To celebrate the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Malala Yousafzai, a large number of civil society representatives and human rights activists gathered in front of the National Press Club on Tuesday on the call of Aurat Foundation.

A large cake was cut to mark the occasion, candles were lighted and poetry recited as the jubilant crowd chanted slogans. Pigeons were set free to express joy and solidarity with Malala's mission. The participants held placards inscribed with messages of pride and celebrations for Malala expressing greetings for the girl who made history by winning the prestigious award at such young age. The gathering was organized by Aurat Foundation along with women Leader’s Group and Citizen Action Committees.

“Nobel Peace Prize for her is a matter of great joy and pride for us. On this occasion, we would like to reaffirm our commitment for peace and rights of all women and girls around the world,” said Chief Operating Officer Aurat Foundation Naeem Ahmed Mirza. He said that if two important sectors including education and law enforcement are completely given to women, there will be peace and prosperity in the country.

“This award has reaffirmed my belief that the next century belongs to women. In recognition of their services, women of Pakistan have excelled in every sector including sports, art and literature, education and information technology,” he said
On this occasion, eminent human rights activist Tahira Abdullah conveyed the message of Malala's family. She said that the family is overjoyed with happiness but they sob as they miss Pakistan and their people on this occasion. "They said that it was because of the love, honor and recognition they got in Pakistan long before Malala was attacked which gave her international recognition."
Tahira said that the nation should not forget the Dr Abdus Salam on this occasion. "I am proud to be a Pakistani who has seen the country winning two Nobel Peace Prizes," she said.
On this occasion, renowned poet and human rights activist Kishawar Naheed read her famous poem "Wo jo bachion say bhi daar gayay" (Those who are afraid of girls). Analyst and rights activist Haris Khaliq said that Nobel Peace Prize for Malala is not an award for an individual but it is for all champions of women and girls rights. "It is proved that the way women and girls have brought awards for Pakistan, men and boys have not been able to do that."
Chief of Party Gender Equity Program and rights activist Simi Kamal said that she really believes in youth of Pakistan in particular the young girls. "We have seen how they have crossed boundaries, knocked on the glass ceiling and made name across the board whether it be commerce, business, entrepreneurship, literature, poetry, academic excellence, sports, development and empowerment. Young girls are living empowerment 'no just talking about it.' Who could be the better example than Malala Yousafzai. We are proud of her."
Director Advocacy Aurat Foundation Rabeea Hadi said that Pakistan is proud of the fact that during past two years, women of Pakistan have won most prestigious awards of world like the Oscar, Asian Cricket Cup and Nobel Peace Prize for the country. "This award has given us the message that we should educate our girls.".