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News & Events

NAF Meeting 10-A in Karachi at Aurat Fou…

NAF Meeting 10-A in Karachi at Aurat Foundation office

National Advisory Forum (NAF) Meeting 10-A Sindh was held on Monday, 27th July and Tuesday...

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Grant Opening Meeting for Establishment …

Grant Opening Meeting for Establishment of Resource Centers, Helplines in Balochistan

Women Development Department (WDD) of Balochistan, on May 14, 2015, organized grant opening meeting for...

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About the Program

  • Programs AF's overall programme is considered "….conceptually and strategically brilliant in bringing together at the district level and in networks volunteer groups of citizens, activists, councillors, professionals and government officials… that give AF's program its vital political development energy. Few organizations in Pakistan or elsewhere achieve this." (Robert Mitchell, Mid-Term Review Report for CIDA.) : Aurat Foundation is now a national organisation with one of the largest district level networks of…


    Enhancing equity by expanding women's access to justice and human rights
    Increasing women's empowerment by expanding knowledge of their rights and opportunities to exercise their rights in the work place, community and home
    Combating Gender Based Violence
    Strengthening the capacity of Pakistani organizations that advocate for gender equity, women's empowerment and elimination of gender based violence