About Grant Cycles

Under the USAID-supported Gender Equity Program (GEP), Aurat Foundation and The Asia Foundation will award a series of sub-grants to local Pakistani organizations with the objective of affecting real behavioral change and contributing to enhanced gender equity in Pakistan. Several grant cycles will be advertised over a five-year period ending August 2015.

Grant Cycle 7

Priority Area for Cycle Seven

GEP’s seventh grant cycle is in support of enhancing women’s economic empowerment across Pakistan. Sub-grants on various themes are to be awarded to facilitate an enabling environment, ensure provision of required services, enhance skills and create opportunities aimed at improving women’s livelihood options. An improvement in the identified services, skills and opportunities are to enable women’s choices, the right to exercise these and empower themselves through an expansion of livelihood generation. These set of sub-grants will also demonstrate women’s role and abilities to actively participate in, and contribute to, the economic progress of Pakistan when provided with equal opportunities.


Financial Allocation

GEP sub-grant awards will fall into three distinct tiers:

  • Below $25,000
  • $25,000 - $100,000
  • Over $100,000

  • Tier 1 awards are expected to be most frequent. Tier 2 and Tier 3 sub-grant awards will be less common. Individual ceilings will be allocated per sub-grant and will be detailed in the sub-grant solicitations. All budgets will be subject to strict scrutiny to prevent excessive allocation.

    Closing Date

    The final date for submission of the completed proposal application package and all required documents is February 14, 2013. No extensions will be given.

    For detailed Terms of Reference for each of the above and application guidelines, please download the RFP document.


    Detailed Request for Proposal (RFP)


    Sub-grant Tiers
    GEP sub-grant awards will fall into the following three distinct tiers:

    Tier 1: Upto USD 25,000.

    Tier 2: From USD 25,000 to USD 100,000.

    Tier 3: From USD 100,000 to USD 250,000.
    Who can Apply

    Potential GEP sub-grantees could include non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community-based organizations (CBOs), policy think tanks, academic research and training institutions, professional and business associations, media, civic advocacy organizations (CAOs) and civil society coalitions (CSCs). All civil society organizations seeking sub-grants under the GEP program must meet the following requirements:

    • The organization shall be registered in Pakistan
    • The organization shall have a track record in the sector
    • The organization shall be based in the area or have capacity for outreach in the target area and target sector
    • The organization shall have financial management experience, preferably audited accounts.
    Government organizations may approach GEP on a cooperative basis for joint endeavors and programs.