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AF team met Deputy Speaker and MPAs to discuss draft of Acid and Crime Bill, Karachi


AF team met Deputy Speaker and MPAs to discuss draft of Acid and Crime Bill

Aurat Foundation arranged a meeting with Ms. Shehla Raza, Deputy Speaker, and MPAs of all parties including PTI, MQM, PPP, PML-Q and PML-N and Mr. Aijaz Mangi, Secretory Women Development, at the Sindh Assembly on 22nd December 2015 to discuss the draft of Acid and Crime Bill. The session discussed the amendments introduced in the bill for the provincial bill. These amendments focused on the license for buying and selling of acid, punishment for the crime, its rehabilitation aspects and inclusion of 'chemical' in substances that are used for acid attacks. Special emphasis was laid on the establishment of a Acid and Crime Monitoring Board and its crucial role in regard to purchase and sale of acid and acid attacks. The aims of the amendments was to accommodate all the angles of a acid crime that physically, mentally and emotionally affect the victims.

While focusing on the tabling and passing of the Bill, Mr. Aijaz Mangi assured the committed of his assistance throughout the progress of the Bill and the formation of its rules. Similarly, Ms. Shehla Raza asserted the imperative aspects of the Bill and suggested another meeting for the assistance of the victims financially and discussion over the bill in greater detail. The committee unanimously agreed to meet in the second week of January to further discuss the bill in more detail before it is tabled.