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Identity, Countering Violent Extremism and Role of Police in Peacebuilding By Women Peace Architects (WPA), Rawalpindi


Identity, Countering Violent Extremism and Role of Police in Peacebuilding By Women Peace Architects (WPA)


There were three main objectives for this session.

1. The first objective was to strengthen police official’s capabilities, to enhance their knowledge and sensitize them on the concepts to effectively play their role in Peacebuilding and understand the process.

2. The second objective was to equip them with relative knowledge and make them understand and realize the unbiased and unprejudiced aspects of their personalities.

3. The third objective was to make them understand the broader perspective of Conflict management and how to react in a situation of conflict and their part being in a law enforcement department.


Ms Imrana Komal and Aeras Jabeen Awan facilitated the session. They are one of the Women Peace Architects (WPAs) of KP and Punjab.
This session was a part of their action plan that they made during the Common Ground Approach training workshop and successfully implemented the learning of CGA training during this session.

Feedback of Participants

Police official that fall under the rank of SHO in near future participated in this session. We received a great feedback and participation from them. They got so emotional and expressed their feelings that “such type of efforts to create Peace, understand each other’s pain and relate it is a great act and a great initiative by Aurat Foundation”.

They said that “at the start of session when we saw people from an NGO sector we were very disappointed as we had a completely different perspective about NGOs and their agendas in our minds but after the session we realized that what great efforts these organizations are putting forward and especially Aurat foundation is working for such a great cause and their method of disseminating the message of Peace is perfect and is according to international standards.” 

The Police officials also added that “while performing these activities we felt like a small child and realized the unbiased and unprejudiced aspect of our personalities.”

The most amazing outcome of these activities was that they were able to have a self-reflection and were able to look at the fact that we are human first and other identities come later. This essence of humanity is important for peace building and conflict resolution.

Closing Remarks by Mr Malik Amir

At the end Mr Malik Amir, Course Commander Police Training School, extended special thanks to Aurat Foundation team and the Women Peace Architects for conducting a successful session for police officials.

He also appreciated AF for providing this learning opportunity to the police officials and thanked all the participants for benefitting from this training session and participating effectively. He also asked all the participants for commitment of serving humanity at their best without any discrimination or creating their own perspective. He took pledge from all the participants that whoever visits you at your duty station Greet him or her with warmth as to be in uniform our responsibility increases more towards our country and play our role as a Peacebuilder.