Programme has four distinct outputs:

  • Women better able to participate safely in politics and in public spaces at federal, provincial and local levels in KP and Punjab
  • Citizens and communities better able to resolve disputes peacefully and work together for common solutions in KP and Punjab
  • Women and other excluded groups better able to demand improved delivery of services in KP and Punjab
  • Improved evidence generated, synthesised and communicated/advocated to political leaders/decision makers in KP and Punjab

Activities under the first three outputs are closely linked to each other and therefore they ensure that women and other marginalised groups are enabled and encouraged to participate in community processes and decision making, gain political voice and are able to articulate priorities. AAWAZ is striving to achieve this by reducing violence against women, and increasing the safe participation of women and other excluded groups in politics and governance structures. AAWAZ played its part to enhance tolerance of diversity, and to strengthen the capacity of communities to resolve disputes peacefully without resort to violence and enabled them to work constructively together to solve local problems and improve service delivery in the last year.

Output 1: AAWAZ programme will help to develop provincial and national gender-based legislative plans for ensuring equality of rights and status of women and other excluded groups on an annual basis in collaboration with women legislators and concerned provincial departments in Punjab and KP and key stakeholders and concerned ministries and institutions at the federal level. The programme will encourage better enforcement of existing laws that prevent VAW through building women's capacities and increasing their participation via awareness-raising activities.

Output 2: AAWAZ Programme will create a peace constituency that is built up from the grassroots level to the federal level through raising awareness and educating people on their rights, responsibilities, and how to use existing dispute resolution mechanisms to constructively work through their differences.

Output 3: AAWAZ Programme will facilitate networking and coalition building at the community level will be working with community groups, comprising women and minorities, to identify a shared vision for their community and define local priorities for service delivery needs.

Output 4: AAWAZ Programme will encourage knowledge base and understanding of programme impact through independent monitoring and evaluation of all partners organisation.


TORs - Senior Manager Finance & Compliance , Last Date: 05-03-2015
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