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Training of Trainer on ‘Democracy: Home to Parliament’ held under AAWAZ Programme, Islamabad


Training of Trainer on ‘Democracy: Home to Parliament’ held under AAWAZ Programme

Two ‘Trainings of Trainers’ (ToTs), 5 days each, were organized by Aurat Foundation, under AAWAZ programme, in two batches i.e. 17-21 March, 2015, and 21-30 March, 2015, at Hill View Hotel Islamabad.  The trainings addressed the Capacity Building Plan’s theme ‘Democracy: Home to Parliament’. The participants, 110 in number, were invited from 45 districts of AAWAZ programme.


AAWAZ voice and accountability programme is a substantial initiative aiming to nurture and strengthen the communities to achieve three prestigious outputs of the programme. AAWAZ has till date mobilized different structures from village level to national level to help citizens in amplifying and organizing their roles and voices for effective and responsive service delivery from specific state institutions as well as enhanced women’s political participation by creating safe public spheres and community conflict prevention through non-violent ways.

The outcome of the programme is that democratic processes in Pakistan are more open, inclusive and accountable to citizens.

Trainings were divided into two batches. First Batch comprised 53 participants from 17th March 2015 to 21st March 2015, and 2nd Batch comprised 57 from 26th March to 30th March 2015. The main components were.

  • Session1: Delivery of Awareness –Raising Workshop
  • Session2: Our land our Lives
  • Session3: Human Democratic State , Active Citizens
  • Session4: Star Citizens
  • Session5: Action planning ( Circle of Concern and influence)
  • Session6: Reflection
  • Theory of Change (Micro Training)
  • Islam and religious diversity (Micro Training)

Sessions were accompanied by well composed sets of energisers, games and activities that are easily implementable at village level.