Aurat Publication & Information Service Foundation
Decision-making at Aurat Foundation

The Aurat Foundation has a democratic, transparent and participatory governance structure, which best assures an independent organisation that is efficiently and effectively managed on scientific lines. The Memorandum of Association recommends a three-tier governance structure, comprising a 15 member General Body, a Board of Governors comprising of 9 members and an Executive Council headed by the Executive Director. Significant features of the governance structure are its system of checks and balances and the leading role given to Partners’ Networks and Staff of the Foundation.

AF-General Body

Sr # Name Gender
1 Dr. Masuma Hasan Female
2 Mr. I. A. Rehman Male
3 Mr. Arif Hasan Male
4 Mr. Tasneem Siddiqui Male
5 Ms. Anis Haroon Female
6 Ms. Samina Rehman Female
7 Mr. Mohammed Tahseen Male
8 Ms. Anjum Riyazul Haque Female
9 Dr. Aliya Hashmi Khan Female
10 Ms. Surriya Ammeeruddin Female
11 Ms. Roshan Khursheed Bharucha Female
12 Justice (Retd.) Nasira Javed Iqbal Female
13 Senator Sitara Ayaz Female
14 Mr. Muhammad Ziauddin Male
15 Ms. Romana Bashir Female

The Board of Governors

Name Profession Gender Function Joined Since
Dr. Masuma Hasan Former Secretary, Cabinet Division, Government of Pakistan Female President 1991
Dr. Aliya H. Khan Educationist, Gender Specialist Female Treasurer 2016
Ms. Anis Haroon Human Rights / Women Rights Activist Female Member 2001
Mr. Tasneem Siddiqui Ex-Director, Katchi Abadis, KDA Karachi Male Member 2001
Ms. Samina Rehman Educationist (Principal) Female Member 2003
Ms. Anjum Riyazul Haque Development Specialist Female Member 2013
Justice (Retd.) Nasira Javed Iqbal Jurist, former Judge Lahore Court, Women's Rights Activist Female Member 2018
Mr. Muhammad Ziauddin Journalist, Senior Financial Analyst Male Member 2018
Ms. Roshan Khursheed Bharucha Women Rights Activist Female Member 2021

The Executive Council

Name Gender Function Joined Since
Naeem Ahmed Mirza Male Executive Director 1998
Mumtaz Mughal Female Director Programmes 2004
Asim Malik Male Director Outreach & Network 1998
Mahnaz Rahman Female Resident Director, Karachi 2010
Shabina Ayaz Female Resident Director, Peshawar 1997
Alauddin Khalji Male Resident Director, Quetta 2018
Saima Munir Female Senior Progarmme Officer 1998
Malka Khan Female Senior Progarmme Officer 2003

Organizational Chart