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Session on pro-women laws was held, Karachi


Session on pro-women laws was held

A 2-day session on pro-women laws was held on 13th and 14th March 2015 at Mehran Hotel, Karachi. The purpose was to build capacity and strengthen networking of medical and legal institutions.  A certificate distribution ceremony was also held at the end of the training.

Ms Mahnaz Rehman started the event by conducting a session on Gender perspective. She highlighted the importance of understanding gender and discussed the misconceptions and misperceptions people hold about gender. She defined the difference between gender and sex i.e. sex is biological but gender is a socially constructed role as defined by society. Gender role is influenced by various social and environmental factors and therefore also influenced by class. Gender roles, especially in our culture, also vary within classes (lower to upper class).

The rest of the event was focused on pro-women laws and the relevant issues that exist. This part of the event was conducted by M. Sarah Zaman and Ms Maliha Zia. Both gave a detailed understanding about the forms of violence against women, relevant laws and discussed the hurdles that relate to law implementation. The training ended with distribution of certificates to all participants.