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Consultation on Youth Policy, Sindh (Media Stunts), organized, Karachi


Consultation on Youth Policy, Sindh (Media Stunts), organized

On June 22, 2015, Aurat Foundation’s Karachi office organized a consultation on  youth policy in Sindh.  The consultation was centered on the Youth Policy in Sindh, what has been achieved with regards to empowerment of youth by various stakeholders and how the empowerment of youth is important in the larger scheme where development on a national level is concerned. During the meeting, youth policy in the status quo was discussed and so were plans for the future of the policy and subsequently the youth of Pakistan.

The participants were welcomed by Ms Malka Khan, Regional Coordinator LISTEN, Sindh and Baluchistan.  Ms Mahnaz Rahman, Resident Director AF, spoke on the LISTEN project and Youth Policy.  She said that there was an immediate need for a policy in Sindh that addresses the problem of the youth and that with the support of 2012 Legislators’ Policy and the advice of civil society any such policy could be implemented easily. When discussing the details and the significance of such a policy, she said that a policy for the youth shall empower them economically, socially and politically and make them aware of their rights and responsibilities.  The youth policy should include short term and long term goals and should provide central aid. In Sindh, the Department of Youth Affairs is taking basic steps for youth empowerment. However, it is essential that other departments and organizations also work hand-in-hand for this cause. This collaboration will ensure that an effective link for communication for all youth related activities is established, and that public funds are utilized in a better way.

Mr Noor Bajeer, Executive Director CSSP, said that the struggle for youth policy is ongoing. Then, Bargael NGO shared a draft with the participants and the youth affairs department. It was said that this draft has been pending since 2012 and that it was drafted after a discussion with MPAs and youth representatives.

Dr Sikander Mandrio promised that he is going to work on the youth draft which will deal with education and social welfare. He said that rural youth should be uplifted, and the Student Unions should be restored. Moreover, at least 5% of minority social protection should be present, agricultural and health issues should be focused in the policy and it should reflect the need of student unions for educational institutions.

Mr.Rizwan Jaffer, Founder of Youth Parliament, said that they have been working on youth policy for quite a few years now and that they formulated the Youth Parliament through which many young people are involved. He said that youth of Sindh should be made a part of policy-making which is why the Youth Parliament project was conceived and is being implemented by the Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development And Transparency (PILDAT).