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Pakistan Religious Freedom Initiatives organized a meeting with Religious Freedom Caucus, Karachi


Pakistan Religious Freedom Initiatives organized a meeting with Religious Freedom Caucus

Pakistan Religious Freedom Initiatives: Leaders of Influence organized a meeting of Religious Freedom Caucus (RFC) on 22nd August, 2015 at Moven Hotel Pick, Karachi. Among the prominent participants were Ms Syeda Shahla Raza, Deputy Speaker Sindh Assembly, Ms Iram Khalid, MPA PPP, Ms Nusrat Abbasi, MPA- PML-F, Ms Kulsoom Chandio, MPA PPP, , Mr Ali Imran, TAF Consultant, Ms Shahnaz Sheedi, SAP-PK Sindh, Mr M. Parkash N.L.D, Mr Saleem Michail, Justice Helpline, Mr. John, B.T.I, Mr Nadeem Shaikh, President Justice Helpline, Ms Nadia Tariq Ali  and Mr M. Kashif Kamal represented The Asia Foundation in the meeting.

Ms Erum Javed welcomed the honorable parliamentarians and shared the objectives of the meeting and Ms Nadia Tariq Ali shared the said highlights of the project. She stated that under PRFI project, we aim to bring laws for the Minorities. 
Aurat Foundation shared four bills: Force Conversion Bill, Hindu Marriage and Separation Bill, Christian Marriage and Separation Bill and Minority Commission Bill with the members of the minority Caucus. 
Similarly Ms Shahala Raza recognized the fact that the parliamentarians are very cooperative and would submit the bill with the help of the Secretary Minorities. Since Sindh is a progressive province, there is no tension from the opposite party in relation to the bill. 
Ms Erum Javed said that we all are working for the same cause and we have positive support from Minority Caucus Sindh. RFC members were very proactive since they had already passed various resolutions for support of minorities. 
Ms Nadia Tariq Ali, Program Manager (TAF), stated that Sindh is a progressive province and it has passed many bills and Resolutions regarding women rights. Thereafter, it is expected that such steps would also be under taken for minority rights.  Mr Ali Imran, Consultant TAF and the trainer, discussed the global perspective of Religious Freedom Caucus and recent scenario of the legislation on minorities in Pakistan. He appreciated the achievements of the Sindh Minority Caucus.  
Members of RFC shared the Resolution passed unanimously in Sindh assembly for the protection of religious minorities in Sindh. They discussed the strategy of consultation of bills submitted by Aurat foundation/PRFI. There were two opinions in the meeting regarding the submission of laws in the Assembly. Ms Shala Raza and Ms Irum Khalid suggested that in the next Assembly session, the bill should be submitted to every Political Party and under their consent; it can then be submitted in the standing committee. However, Ms Nusarat Sehr Abbasi had the opinion that the bill should initially be tabled from Minority Caucus and later be submitted in the Assembly through the Governor or General Secretary. Meeting adjourned on a thanks note by Nadia Tariq Ali and Erum Javed from Aurat foundation.