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Advocacy meeting with Sindh Women Parliamentary Caucus (SWPC) held, Karachi


Advocacy meeting with Sindh Women Parliamentary Caucus (SWPC) held

Aurat Foundation conducted a meeting regarding the draft of Acid and Crime Bill with Sindh Women Parliamentary Caucus (SWPC) and Deputy Secretary Ms. Shehla Raza on 16 December 2015 at Sindh Assembly. Seven other women MPAs and two men MPAs were also present during the discourse.

The committee was made aware of the previously made draft on Acid and Crime Bill which was thoroughly discussed with the members of media, NGOs, law officials and parliamentarians. The committee was convinced to view a presentation of the amended Bill and discuss the propositions in detail together with further recommendations. The need of all the crucial members and MPAs from all the parties was realized for the approval and amendment of the draft. Therefore, a unanimous date of 22nd December was decided for a consultation meeting of all the MPAs to view the draft of the Bill. During the course of the afternoon, emphasis was laid on the ROBs of Domestic Violence Act and Child Marriage Act.

Aurat Foundation has already submitted the ROBs regarding these Bills but the approval of the CM is still pending. A detailed discussion on the approval of the ROBs from CM followed together with a discussion on the importance of implementation of these Bills. These Bills are made to ensure the safety and security of women in the society. Thereafter, the ROBs are as important concerning the situation of women in the present society. Ms. Shehla Raza assured the committee of her support and assistance with the approval of ROBs and the 'Acid and Crime Bill'.