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AF meet Mumkin Alliance and UN WOMEN on situation of Violence Against Women, Lahore, Lahore


AF meet Mumkin Alliance and UN WOMEN on situation of Violence Against Women, Lahore

Aurat Foundation, as secretariat of Mumkin EVAW Alliance hosted a discussion on the situation of violence against women in Punjab and the role of the alliance members. Ms. Sangeeta Thapa, Deputy Country Representative of UN Women, Ms. Ayshia Mukhtar Programme, Manager UN WOMEN on VAW and Ms. Hoorya Syed, provincial representative of UN Women were present at the meeting.

Ms Mumtaz Mughal, Resident Director gave a detailed presentation on the history of the Mumkin alliance, its objectives, strategic plan and the role of alliance members. She also shared the achievements of the Mumkin alliance in Punjab. After her presentation, members also shared their experiences as members of the alliance especially highlighting their efforts around advocacy and lobbying of the Punjab protection of women against violence bill.

Ms. Aaisha Mukhtar spoke about UNWomen’s role and its key focus on ending violence against women. She said UNWomen supports research on various aspects of violence against women in order to increase the available evidence. She also added that UNWomen support studies to determine the levels of violence experienced by women and girls (prevalence studies) and supports the collection of data on the causes and consequences of violence. She said UN Women can joint hand in helping to end VAW in Punjab. 

Ms. Sangeeta Thapa, Deputy Country Representative, UN Women said that women who have been physically or sexually abused by their partners are more than twice as likely to have an abortion; almost twice as likely to experience depression. She added that the structural barriers within Pakistan limit women’s economic potential and there is a need to advocate their rights through this Mumkin Alliance to bring a positive change in women’s lives. She said that the alliance needs to play the role of a watchdog and also make efforts for the formulation of human rights policies at all provincial levels. She stressed that the alliance should join global networks for support and feedback of violence survivors.

Members voice their support for UNWomen to help set up a system for rehabilitation and job placement of survivors of violence.