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Meeting with Awami Workers Party., Head Office of Awami Workers Party, Lahore.

Head Office of Awami Workers Party, Lahore.

Meeting with Awami Workers Party.

Aurat Foundation organized an advocacy meeting on ‘Manifesto Suggestions on Women’s Empowerment’ with central leadership of Awami Workers Party (AWP) on January 8, 2013, at AWP office, Lahore. AF delegation, comprising of Mumtaz Mughal, Nabeela Shaheen and  Abid Ali, met with AWP’s General Secretary Mr Farooq Tariq, and Mr Niaz Khan and other office bearers.

In the meeting, Mr Farooq Tariq, General Secretary, AWP highly appreciated the AF contributions for preparing the suggestions for election manifestos of political parties. He fully endorsed the suggestions towards state and governance. He said that AWP already ensured the 40 % representation of women in central executive committee of AWP and are ensuring at all levels of decision making. He shared that AWP has already decided to give the ticket to women at wining able seat in general election. He shared that officially Ms Nazli Javed, Labour leader will be the candidate of MNA and party will provide fully support to her for contesting the election. Awarding the tickets on provincial seats, AWP will also decide in meeting of executive committee. He ensured that he will try to mobilize the decision making body for awarding the tickets on PA seats. In reference of today’s meeting, he said that he will include the point on agenda regarding “discussion on AWP election manifesto and suggestions received from AF” on upcoming executive committee meeting which has been scheduled on 26 Jan 2013 in Hyderabad. He shared that AWP has not finalized its manifesto and election manifesto, AWP has a draft party manifesto. AF suggestions are very much important and this handbook is a guideline for us to make progressive demands for AWP. He shared that in AWP manifesto, AWP has not clear-cut guidelines or policy for media. AF suggestions will also helpful in formulization of media policy. He requested the soft version of hand book which will be provided by AF.  It is decided that AF team will meet with AWP in the end of Jan for follow up. He also shared that under the chair of Abid Hassan Minto, Farooq Tariq, Akhter Hassain, Farzana Bari, JamilUmer and Asim Sajjad working on manifestos suggestions.