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Project Startup Workshop – SHE The Peacebuilder, Islamabad


Project Startup Workshop – SHE The Peacebuilder

The workshop began with a formal introduction of all the gathered participants at 9:30 am. 

The moderator of the workshop Ms. Mumtaz Mughal, project manager of SHE the peacebuilder, asked Mr. Asad Jan, country director of Search for Common Ground (SFCG) to make his introductory remarks.

Mr. Asad thanked the Kadam Communications and Consultants (KCC) team for participating in this project startup workshop. He also thanked Aurat Foundation (AF) for their support in this opening workshop and said that there could be no better partners in this project other than AF since their expertise in different thematic areas such as gender, women empowerment, and advocacy is par excellence. He said that both the partners, KCC and AF, will strive to ensure that this project becomes a success.

Continuing with the introductions, Ms. Mumtaz invited Mr. Naeem Mirza, executive director AF to make his opening remarks. Mr. Naeem thanked all the gathered participants for their presence. He said that we need to look and observe all the major challenges we face these days such as climate change, over-population, etc. and analyze these from the context of a female. Climate change has already exacerbated the problems females face and the common woman has felt the adverse effects of different climatic changes in full force. He further opined that changes in practices will result in changing the overall situation that the womenfolk face presently.

For the last introduction, Ms. Mumtaz called upon Mr. Irfan Younas, board member KCC, to make his welcome remarks.  Mr. Irfan said that he is very excited to work on this project since he is going to be part of such a concept for the very first time. He said that in the past KCC has worked on different projects for countering violent extremism (CVE) and they have produced over 30 theme songs against violent extremism. Additionally, he said that the concept of 50 women peace activists (WPA) has lots of potential and we can scale up this concept in several innovative ways by using social media.
Ms. Mumtaz asked a representative from the US embassy Ms. Gulshan Batool to give her welcome remarks.  In her brief comments, Ms. Gulshan said the embassy has been working on CVE for the past 12 years and has done lots of work on this specific theme. She said that the US embassy is more than happy to contribute towards any kind of help that the implementing partners require and they will happily share their expertise on CVE work in Pakistan.
The closing remarks were delivered by Mr. Asad Jan of SFCG. He said that we can agree upon the following key takeaways from the workshop.

• In the TOR formation, AF will take the lead role.
• For the women’s circle and working group activities, more discussion is required.
• A brand ambassador for this project is under consideration and a final decision will be taken in this regard after the budget is agreed upon.
• All parties have agreed upon increasing the branding and visibility of this project.
• The implementing partners and donor will sit down to thrash out a social media, radio, and drama content and messaging guideline.